Men Quilted Sweater


Can Dacotex produce with custom quilt patterns?
Our in-house quilting machines are equipped to cater to such orders. From classic diamonds to more complex quilt patterns, we’ve got you covered.

*Reference of our readily available patterns:

What makes Dacotex the best Vietnam clothing manufacturer for my brand?
  • We’re a team of French and English-speaking consultants.
  • We produce high-quality clothing made with certified ethical & sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • We’re experts at working with sustainable materials.
  • We offer competitive production costs & superb international logistic experience.

***Exclusively for EU customersWith Dacotex’s material sourced from VN, our EU client can gain tax reduction benefits from the [EV/FTA] law.

How is Dacotex’s experience handling recycled/ sustainable materials? Our crew of skilled experts is greatly familiar with sustainable materials.

We also take the initiative to seek out recycled/ sustainable alternatives for your design & production.

What are Dacotex’s sustainability credits? We continuously invest in becoming a better sustainable clothing manufacturer. At the moment, our focus is expanding the factories’ solar energy optimization and aiding our customers with working on eco-friendly materials.

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