Women Poly Stretch Active Vest



What makes Dacotex the best Vietnam clothing manufacturer for my brand?
  • We’re a team of French and English-speaking consultants.
  • We produce high-quality clothing made with certified ethical & sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • We’re experts at working with sustainable materials.
  • We offer competitive production costs & superb international logistic experience.

***Exclusively for EU customersWith Dacotex’s material sourced from VN, our EU client can gain tax reduction benefits from the [EV/FTA] law.

Do Dacotex’s fashion factories work with start-ups and small businesses? We boast flexible manufacturing capabilities (low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) accommodated), making us the perfect choice for both small businesses and mass retailers.

Regardless of your quantity, your order comes with high quality, efficient production & lead times.

How is Dacotex’s experience handling recycled/ sustainable materials? Our crew of skilled experts is greatly familiar with sustainable materials.

We also take the initiative to seek out recycled/ sustainable alternatives for your design & production.

What are Dacotex’s sustainability credits? We continuously invest in becoming a better sustainable clothing manufacturer. At the moment, our focus is expanding the factories’ solar energy optimization and aiding our customers with working on eco-friendly materials.

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